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Past 1st Place Winners

1991- Maria Kohls Ply-board product from non-recyclable Skyview High School
1992 – Monica Smith Oil skimming boom device for Cook Inlet Cook Inlet Academy
1993 – Lyric Pitzman Oil spill absorbent from recycled cardboard Homer High School
1994 – Serena Woods Environmental curriculum for elementary school Nikiski High School
1995 – Amanda Crouse Building blocks from plastic milk jugs Soldotna High School
1996 – Patrick Bennett Environmental web site Soldotna High School
1997 – Alden Ford Incredible Water Maze computer game Nikiski High School
1998 – Arianna Sikorski Environmental theme song/jingle Soldotna High School
1999 – Michael Penland, Eric Soderquist, & Paul Kim Soldotna Creek boardwalk enhancement Soldotna High School
2000 – Pehr Hartvigson CEB Filtration system for outboard motors Soldotna High School
2001 – Rueben Floyd Environmental coloring book Nikiski High School
2002 – Kaitlin Vadla Website for waterfront property owners Soldotna High School
2003 – Kristin Frederic Alternative energy lab utilizing shut-in oil platforms Nikiski High School
2004 – Marit Hartvigson Slikok Creek platform project Soldotna High School
2005 – Hannah Watkins Disaster preparedness books for elementary school children Kenai Central High School
2006 -Thomas Kircher Trash Tarp pick-up truck cover Soldotna High School
2007 – Molly Watkins Make the Switch, Make a Difference Kenai Central High School
2008 – Lincoln Wensley Dune Protection Video Kenai Central High School
2009 – Olivia Pfeifer Better Bird Control Kenai Central High School
2010 – Freya Chay Energizing the Alaska Legislature Kenai Central High School
2012 – Jenna Hansen Recycled glass into jewelry Nikiski High School
2013 – Elise Webber Disaster Preparedness App Homer High School
2014 –  Katherine Dolma Up on the Roof Top Homer High School
Keira Stroh Scannin’ Salmon App Kenai Central High School
2016 – Evangeline and Margeurite Cox Breath for Pets Nikiski High School
2017 – Anya Hondel Captain Conservation Soldotna Prep
2018 – Carlee Rizzo Game On! Nikiski High School