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To get started with Caring for the Kenai, you'll first need your teacher account. You can log in using your School District credentials.

Once you've created your account, we'll activate your teacher profile and you can create your classses in a couple of easy clicks. Your students can then join the website and your class, and then everyone's ready to go!

Contest Dates

  • August 29, 2023 - Open registration for Teacher's CFK Inservice
  • September 22, 2023 - Close registration for CFK Inservice
  • October 11, 2023 - Virtual Workshop
  • December 8, 2023 - Virtual Workshop
  • February 29, 2024 - Contest Deadline
  • March 6, 2024 - Select Top 12
  • March 11, 2024 - Teacher Notification of Finalists
  • April 18, 2024 - Oral Presentations
  • April 27, 2024 - 2024 CFK Awards Ceremony
Caring for the Kenai is a unique environmental contest and a wonderful educational opportunity for your students, and it's a cinch to incorporate into your curriculum. The great thing about Caring for the Kenai is that it's not just another thing to cram into your overflowing curriculum, but something that can be substituted for other projects as a real-life, hands-on, community-oriented opportunity.