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What can I do, invent, or create to better care for the environment on the Kenai Peninsula, or to help improve the area's preparedness for a natural disaster?

Caring for the Kenai is

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Are you a high school student on the Peninsula with an idea? You're eligible to win!

Your class may be doing the project, or you can enter into the project on your own. Any student may enter any number of years, and your entry can be new and novel, a refined version of a previous entry, or even an adaptation of someone else's idea.

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Potential Ideas List

Get started with some categories of problems you might be able to solve. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, and lots of problems have many solutions. Help find one!
Example Past Project

Backpack Kits

Backpacks preloaded with gear for trekking into the Peninsula's natural spaces, increasing safety and reducing the need for rescue.
Example Past Project

Protect Our Pollinators (P.O.P.)

Tools and information to protecting some of our biosphere's most important members - our pollinators!

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Example Essays

Lady Bug Marathon
Using ladybugs to combat Spruce Aphid infestations across the peninsula.
Wolf Urine Moose Deterrent
Moose do not like wolf urine. We can use that.
Breath for Pets
Fire departments need special equipment to help them save pets in emergencies.
Reducing Styrofoam Tray Waste
Get rid of single-use styrofoam trays in our schools to reduce landfill waste.
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